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New Mission Bay Microscopy Collaboration Website

Hi All,

Last year the microscopy core facilities on the Mission Bay campus formed the Mission Bay Microscopy Collaboration. As a group we have been working on a new website to help researchers find microscopes they need that are based in core facilities. Today we are launching the website,, which has new tools to help you find the correct microscope for your research.

The instrument page will allow you to filter the list of microscopes based on the type of microscopy (confocal, widefield, etc), the core, and the building location. On each of the specific microscope pages you will be able to see the details about the microscope including hardware information, staff contacts for access, and specific links for the instrument.

We also have additional microscope specific information on the site so take some time to look around.

DeLaine Larsen

Anna Celli

Blaise Ndjamen

Kari Herrington

SoYeon Kim