3i VIVO Moveable Objective Microscope (MOM) with Phasor


3i Multiphoton Movable Objective Microscope with Phasor for holographic photostimulation.


  • 2P Phasor for optogenetic stimulation
  • Open architechture with large space under the objective 
  • Dual galvanometer bidirectional scanning
    • Up to 6 frames/3000lines/2,500,00 samples per sec with max frame size of 4096x4096px



  • Zeiss Plan Apo 20x/1.0 NA W, 2.4mm WD


Equipment Details:

  • Sutter MOM
  • Dual galvanometer scanner
  • Resonant scanner
  • 3i Phasor holography
  • 2 GaAsP PMTs

Light Source:

  • Coherent Discovery Ti:Saph laser
  • Spectral-Physics FemtoTrain laser
  • X-Cite 110 LED (Widefield)


Emission Filters for PMTs:

  • 612/69 (PMT 1)
  • 525/40 (PMT 2)

Emission Filters for Widefield Epifluorscence:

  • GFP cube
  • Texas Red cube