Nikon Imaging Center @ UCSF

The Nikon Imaging Center at UCSF provides cutting edge light microscopy instrumentation to UCSF researchers and to the larger bay area scientific community. We are open to both academic and industrial researchers. We provide microscopy training and education and can provide assistance with experiment design, data acquisition, and image analysis. Typically, we train users and the end user operates the microscope but we can also collect data for you. Please contact us to see how we can help you with your microscopy needs.


  • Fluorescence imaging (up to 5 colors)
  • Brightfield, phase contrast, and DIC imaging
  • High speed imaging (over 100 frames per second)
  • Automated imaging, including multiwell plates
  • Super-resolution imaging (SIM / STORM / PALM)
  • Single molecule imaging


  • 3D confocal imaging
  • Gigapixel image stitching
  • Live cell time lapse imaging
  • Photoactivation and photobleaching
  • Light sheet imaging of cleared tissues
  • Consulting on experimental design and image analysis

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