NIC Example Images



Embryonic mouse arteries
AZ100 Ultra Microscope Lightsheet​

Light sheet image of arteries in a mouse embryo

Growth of a neuron
Time Lapse

Growth of an in vitro differentiated neuron.

Yeast Mitochondria
CSU-22 Spinning Disk Confocal

Surface rendering of yeast mitochondria

CSU-22 Spinning Disk Confocal

A mitotic spindle in a Drosophila S2 cell

Spindle photoactivation
High Speed Widefield

Photoactivation of an elongating spindle

Dopamine receptor sptPALM

sptPALM imaging of dopamine receptors diffusing.

Whole human brain section
6D/High Throughput

A whole human brain section. Original sample was 10 x 7 cm; image is 4 gigapixels.

Tetrahymena Swimming
High Speed Widefield

A swimming Tetrahymena recorded at 420 frames per second.

Mouse kidney
6D/High Throughput, High Speed Widefield

A mouse kidney section, stitched from 70 images.

Mouse Retina
CSU-W1 Spinning disk High Speed Widefield

Mouse retina, spinning disk confocal plus deconvolution.