This inverted N-STORM microscope is equipped with optics for TIRF and STORM and cameras for both high sensitivity or high speed imaging. An OkoLab stage top incubator can be used for live cell imaging and the Nikon Perfect Focus assist in maintaining focus for time lapses and super resolution imaging.


  • Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence
  • STORM, PALM, PAINT, and other forms of super-resolution localization microscopy
  • Live cell imaging



  • Apo TIRF 100x/1.49
  • Plan Apo λ 100x/1.45

Equipment Details:

  • Nikon Ti-E Microscope (Inverted)
  • NiKon TIRF module with STORM lens
  • Sutter emission wheel and 10-B
  • Nikon motorized stage 
  • OkoLab Live stage insert
  • Flash 4.0 with camera link
  • Hamamatsu Flash 4.0 with camera link
  • Andor iXon 897 EMCCD (3D STORM lens optional)
  • Agilent MLC400 with NIDAQ interface
  • Lamda TLED (transmission brightfield)

Light Source:

  • Agilent MLC400 


Excitation Wavelengths:

  • 405nm
  • 488nm
  • 561nm
  • 647nm

Emission Filters:

  • ET455/50m
  • ET525/50m
  • ET600/60m
  • ET705/72m
  •  ZET488/561/640m (triple bandpass)
  • ZET405/488/561m (triple bandpass)