6D/High Throughput


The 6D widefield microscope is an inverted widefield microscope equipped with cameras for 5-color fluorescent and color bright field imaging.  This system can be used for imaging slides and multiwell plates utilizing a automated stage, Nikon Perfect Focus system, and Nikons High Content Analysis (HCA) module.


  • Color brightfield imaging
  • 5-color fluorescence imaging
  • Brightfield, DIC, and Phase
  • Automated plate scanning
  • Automated image stitching



  • Plan Apo 4x/0.2
  • Plan Apo10x/0.45
  • Plan Apo 20x/0.75
  • Plan Apo 40x/0.95 Corr
  • Plan Apo VC 60x/1.4 Oil
  • Plan Apo VC 100x/1.4 Oil

Equipment Details:

  • Nikon Ti  Inverted Microscope
  • Nikon DS-Qi2 monochrome camera
  • DS-Ri2 color camera
  • Sutter Lambda LS-2 xenon arc lamp
  • Sutter Lambda 10-3 Filter changer

Light Source:

  • Sutter Lambda LS-2 xenon arc lamp with cold mirror installed


Excitation Filters:

  • 387/11x Semrock 5-band
  • 485/20x Semrock 5-band
  • 560/25x Semrock 5-band
  • 650/13x Semrock 5-band
  • 740/13x Semrock 5-band
  • ET470/40x GFP/mCherry ET (89021 Ex2)
  • ET572/35x GFP/mCherry ET (89021 Ex1)
  • ET430/24x CFP/YFP (89002 Ex1)
  • ET500/20x CFP/YFP (89002 Ex2)

Emission Filters:

  • 440/40m Semrock 5-band
  • 525/30m Semrock 5-band
  • 607/36m Semrock 5-band
  • 684/24m Semrock 5-band
  • 809/81m Semrock 5-band
  • ET525/50m GFP/mCherry ET (89021 Em2)
  • ET632/60m GFP/mCherry ET (89021 Em1)
  • ET470/24m CFP/YFP (89002 Em2)
  • ET535/30m CFP/YFP (89000 Em1)