3i VIVO Upright Multiphoton Microscope

3i VIVO Upright Multiphoton Microscope

Upright multiphoton microscope for rapid 4D image acquisition in live specimens. Ideal for imaging diverse samples from tissue slices to whole organisms. Also has a CSU-X1 spinning disk confocal.


  • Multiphoton
  • FRAP
  • Spinning Disk Confocal
  • Live specimens



  • Zeiss W Plan-Apochromat water dipping objective, 20x/1.0NA, 2.4mm working distance


Equipment Details:

  • Zeiss AxioExaminer Stand 
  • Luigs & Neumann Shifting Table
  • Luigs & Neumann Temperature controller VII
  • PI PZT objective Piezo
  • Conoptics Pockel Cell
  • CSU-X1 FW spinning disk with filter wheel
  • Photometrics Prime 95B (Spinning Disk)
  • X-Cite 200DC epi lamp
  • GaAsP PMTs
  • Dual galvanometer scanner
  • Resonant scanner

Light Source:

  • Coherent Chameleon Ultra
  • 3i Laser Stack with 488nm and 561nm lasers (Spinning Disk)
  • 3i Laser Stack with 594nm laser (Photostim)

Emission Filters:

  • 612/69 (PMT 1)
  • 525/40 (PMT 2)

Emission Filters for Widefield Epifluorscence:

  • GFP cube
  • Texas Red cube

Emission Filters for Spinning Disk Confocal:

  • 617/73
  • 525/30