Leica SPE


The Leica SPE is a point scanning  microscope with Leica's SP detection system that can be tuned to wavelengths between 430-750nm. It is equipped with PMTs for both transmission and fluorescent imaging. 


  • 4-Color fluorescence
  • Transmission PMT
  • Point scanning confocal
  • Fixed tissue imaging
  • Spectral imaging



  • 10x/0.3
  • 20x/0.5 WI
  • 40x/1.15 Oil
  • 63x/1.3 Oil



Equipment Details:

  • Upright Leica TCS-SPE-II DM5500 RYBV
  • PMT detector for fluorescence (capable of 8 or 12bit)
  • PMT detector for transmission (capable of 8 or 12bit)
  • Leica solid state laser launch
  • Leica motorized stage
  • EL6000 fluorescence lamp

Light Source:

  • Leica 4-line solid state laser launch
  • Leica EL6000 fluorescence lamp


Excitation Wavelengths 

  • 405nm
  • 488nm
  • 561nm
  • 630nm

Emission Filters:

  • SP detector 430-750nm