Nikon Widefield Epifluorescence


The Nikon Widefield Epifluorescence microscope is an inverted Nikon Ti microscope set up for 4-color fluorescence imaging for both fixed and live cells. The microscope is equipped with an Andor Clara interline CCD, an In Vivo Scientific cage incubator, and an Oko lab CO2 mixer.







  • Bright field and DIC imaging
  • 4-color fluorescence imaging
  • Live cell imaging
  • Automated imaging



  • Plan Apo 4x/0.2
  • Plan Fluor 10x/0.3
  • Plan Apo VC 0.75NA 20x
  • Plan Apo 20X ELWD

Equipment Details:

  • Nikon Ti  Inverted Microscope
  • Andor Clara Interline CCD
  • In Vivo Scientific Cage incubator
  • Oko CO2 Mixer
  • Sola Light Engine Gen III 350-680nm

Light Source:

  • Sola Light Engine Gen III 350-680nm

Excitation Filters

  • DAPI (340-380nm)
  • FITC (465-495nm) 
  • TRITC (528-553nm)
  • Cy5 (625-650nm)
  • mCherry LP (542-582nm)

Emission Filters:

  • DAPI (435-485nm)
  • FITC (515-555nm)
  • TRITC (590-650nm)
  • Cy5 (peak 670)
  • mCherry-LP (604-1100nm)