QLIPP-Time Lapse

This is a conventional widefield epifluorescence system equipped with a 37°C incubation chamber and CO2 control for live cell imaging. It is set up for epifluorescence and brightfield with Quantitative label-free imaging with phase and polarization (QLIPP) imaging in collaboration with Shalin Mehta's Lab at the CZ-Biohub. Nikon Perfect Focus keeps samples in focus over hours or days for automated time-lapse experiments, while the automated stage allows for multi-position imaging





  • Quantitative label-free imaging with phase and polarization (QLIPP) imaging (collaboration required)
  • Brightfield, phase contrast, and DIC imaging
  • 4-color fluorescence imaging
  • Live cell imaging
  • Automated time lapse imaging
  • Automated multiwell plate imaging



  • Plan Fluor 10x/0.3 (Ph1) 
  • Plan Apo 20x/0.75 
  • Plan Fluor 40x/0.75 
  • Plan Fluor 40x/1.3 Oil

Equipment Details:

  • Nikon Ti Microscope (Inverted)
  • Andor Zyla 4.2
  • Lumencor Spextra X
  • Sutter emission filter wheels
  • OkoLab Cage Incubator with CO2
  • QILIPP (liquid crystal and filter)

Light Source:

  • Lumencor Spextra X



Emission Filters:

  • 455/50m Semrock Sedat Quad
  • 526/40m Semrock Sedat Quad
  • 605/52m Semrock Sedat Quad
  • 705/72m Semrock Sedat Quad
  • ET525/50m GFP/mCherry ET (89021 Em2)
  • ET632/60m GFP/mCherry ET (89021 Em1)
  • ET470/24m CFP/YFP (89002 Em2)
  • ET535/30m CFP/YFP (89002 Em1